#16 Red Meat Netting

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1.00 LBS
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8.00 x 2.50 x 8.00 (in)


#16 Red Meat Netting


Elastic meat netting is easier to use than butcher's twine and gives a more uniform and professional appearance to a variety of meat products. Perfect for holding meats while cooking or smoking and will still easily release from the meat after cooking. Size 16 netting has a 4.5" working diameter with 150 feet per roll and is suited best for small pork butts, small boneless turkey rolls, and other similar-sized meat products.


  • Size 16 red meat netting
  • 4.5" working diameter
  • 10.25" maximum stretch
  • 2.3" flat width
  • #5 stitching
  • Made from food grade polyester and food grade latex
  • 150 feet per roll


  • Can handle up to 450° cooking temperatures
  • Suggested general uses for each size are not guaranteed to fit all cuts listed.
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