Walton's Complete Turkey Cure

  • Walton's Complete Turkey Cure
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5.50 LBS
Ship Dims:
6.00 x 1.25 x 7.75 (in)
Salt, Cane and Maple Sugar (100% Maple Syrup), Sodium Nitrite (1%).
Use 1.29 lbs of CURE to 1 gallon of cold water for a 10% pump.


Walton's Complete Turkey Cure

Excalibur Seasoning

Easily make your own homemade cured and smoked turkey so you can enjoy smoked and cured turkey anytime! Don't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to find cured turkey in stores, instead, make your own cured and smoked turkey year round with help from Meatgistics and Walton's. For easy step-by-step directions, visit Meatgistics and the Walton's Learning Center.


  • 5.0 lb package

View our full Seasonings Conversion Chart to measure out smaller 1 lb or 5 lb batches with other seasonings.

Learn How to Make Homemade Cured & Smoked Turkey In The Walton's Learning Center

Learn how to make homemade cured & smoked turkey in the Walton's Learning Center. Plus, join in on the Walton's Community and ask questions about any related to meat.

Walton’s Learning Center & Meat Recipes

Visit the Walton's Learning Center for Meat Recipes on how to make snack sticks, summer sausage, jerky, hams, bacon, and many more delicious meat snacks. Meatgistics is also the place to find others involved in food and meat processing in a community oriented setting where everyone can share input and advice, plus get feedback directly from the experts at Walton's. Join in directly on the conversation in the Walton's Community section or learn about meat processing the Walton's Learning Center by asking questions or providing your own input on any conversation.

What is Cured and Smoked Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most popular meats to be eaten during Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Curing meats is a process of adding salt, nitrites, and seasoning, plus smoking to assist in meat preservation, plus affect the taste and appearance of meat products. Cured and smoked turkey has a tendency to develop a flavor slightly similar to ham and is a popular choice for many people when preparing a whole turkey for consumption.

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