Walton's Chamber Vacuum Pouches - 100 Count

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$5.99 - $22.99
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3.00 LBS


Walton's 100 Count Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags

Walton's Vacuum Pouches

Walton's vacuum pouches are designed for chamber vacuum sealers only. At a fraction of the cost of the "mesh" type of bags used in non-chambered vacuum sealers, Walton's just made it easier to upgrade to a more efficient and better quality chamber vacuum sealer without having to buy large quantities of 1,000+ bags typically seen in other chamber vacuum pouch brands. Save time and money with Walton's and our brand of vacuum pouches. The same heavy-duty and commercial-grade bags used by thousands of commercial meat processors across the country are now available in 100 count packages, suitable for home use and all your home or commercial vacuum sealing. Walton's 3 mil bags are 75 microns compared to other 3 mil bags that are only 70 microns thick. Walton's bags also contain an EVOH layer for a superior oxygen barrier and a tear notch for easier opening after being sealed.


  • Available in 3 mil - 75 micron thickness and 5 mil - 125 micron thickness
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Includes an easy open notch to effortlessly open a sealed pouch
  • Compatible with all brands of chambered vacuum sealers
  • Costs a fraction of typical non-chambered or "mesh" and "channel" style bags
  • Commercial-grade bags used by thousands of meat processors across the country
  • Protect and keep foods fresh for up to 5 times longer with vacuum sealing
  • Stop throwing away foods from freezer burn
  • Preserve and protect any type of foods like meat, fruits, and veggies


  • Oxygen Transmisssion Rate is 3.2 cc/m2/day when
  • 100 bags per package
  • 6in x 10in
  • 6in x 12in (pint)
  • 8in x 10in
  • 8in x 12in (quart) *Most Popular*
  • 10in x 13in

Technical Data for ASTM D882 Test:

  • Oxygen Transmisssion Rate is 3.2 cc/m2/day
  • Elongation (TD) 720%
  • Elongation (MD 600%
  • Tensile Strength (TD)280
  • Tensile Strength (MD)320
  • Water Vapor Transmisssion Rate is 3.2 g/m2/da for ASTM F 1249

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