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Shipping Weight:
39.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
24.75 x 19.25 x 14.63 (in)


Walton's 50 lb Meat Mixer


With an extra-large, adjustable canister the Walton's 50 lb meat mixer is going to allow any home user to easily achieve great levels of protein extraction on any batch from 15 - 50 lb! It hooks up to the Walton's #22 and #32 grinders to allow the motor on the grinder turn the paddles for you. This is much easier than spending 8 minutes hand-turning those paddles through curing meat. The canister is separate from the base so it can be situated straight up, down, or to either side to make loading and unloading it much easier. When you are mixing keep it vertical and then when you are emptying simply pull the release handle and tilt it to the side to empty. The entire canister comes off the base for easier cleaning by removing the 4 wingnuts. The 50 lb limit is under ideal conditions and does not factor in the amount of seasoning or additives you will need to add to the meat.


  • Up to 50 lb meat mixing capacity
  • Has the ability to attach to your Walton's #22 and #32 grinders, as well as some other models
  • Includes a handle for easy hand cranking
  • Cannister is separate from the body and rotates for easier loading/emptying function
  • Lock mechanism on side of base lets you lock in at straight up, down, and all way to one side or the other
  • Clear plastic cover with slit to allow seasoning/additives to be added while in use
  • Adjustable feet allow you to hook up to grinders of different height


  • Capacity - Up to 50 lb
  • Dimensions - 21 in H x 15in L x 12 in W
  • Weight - 39 lb
  • 1-year warranty

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