Promarks MSK-195 Brine Injector

  • Promarks MSK-195 Brine Injector
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Promarks MSK-195 Brine Injector

MSK Series Brine Injector

The adjustable air piston stainless steel needles on all of the MSK series injectors make them ideal for bone-in or boneless applications. With a needle head capable of operating at 40 strokes a minute this machine will quickly inject large quantities of Bacon, Ham, Beef, Poultry or Seafood. Easy to use control panel allows the operator to quickly make adjustments as needed. Chamber allows for consistent brine pickup from batch to batch. Stainless Steel brine tank helps keep the needles and brine clear. The air piston head removes for easy cleaning, saving you time. The Promarks MSK-195 Brine Injector boasts a robust hydraulic power system that handles both needle head movement as well as driving the product feed conveyor. The MSK-195 shares the same advanced PLC control system and needle cleaning fixture as the smaller MSK-32 and MSK-56 models.


  • For bone-in or boneless products
  • Stainless steel construction (#304)
  • Centrifugal brine pump
  • Stainless steel brine tank (#304)
  • Brine mixer
  • PLC / HMI control system
  • Variable speed motor drive up to 50 strokes per minute
  • Air head design for needle force
  • Hydraulic powered composite conveyor for product movement
  • Unique needle cleaning system
  • Digital brine temperature readout
  • Easy to clean with removable injection heads
  • Closed brine circulation system
  • Easy to replace needles


  • Custom voltage


  • 195 Stainless Steel injection needles
  • 11.75kw motor power
  • 0.25 hp brine mixing motor
  • 2.5kw brine pump power
  • 30" / 762mm belt width
  • 1 - 40 strokes per minute
  • 11" / 279mm product clearance
  • 15 - 60 psi brine pressure rating
  • 19 - 60 psi head air press
  • 84 gal / 320 liters brine tank capacity
  • 109" x 70" x 91" (2772x1781x2306mm) machine size

The MSK Brine Injectors will fit virtually any injecting application. Each model incorporates "air piston - pressure adjustable - stainless steel needles" for bone-in or boneless products. The variable speed needle head operates at up to 50 strokes per minute, ideal for fish, seafood, bacon, ham, beef or poultry applications. Easy access controls, variable speed brine motor control allow the operator to adjust the pump pressure to the desired level, which will provide a minimum product pick-up of approximately 8% if required. Consistent brine pick up are maintained from batch to batch. Our MSK series consist of triple filtration system, which includes a portable stainless steel brine tank and mixer motor help keep the brine & needles clear. Also features a unique easy removable air piston head for easy cleaning.

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