Hand Marinade or Brine Injector

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5.88 x 2.13 x 16.69 (in)


Hand Marinade or Brine Injector

Friedrick Dick

This injector is made of all commercial grade materials and is designed for the processing, industrial or catering businesses that do large batches of injections. The design allows you to quickly inject large quantities without having to stop every few minutes to refill your injector as the hose draws from whatever reservoir you are using to hold your brine or marinade. A screen in the hose filters out any particles or impurities that would be too large and get stuck in the needle. The needle stores inside the unit when it is not in use to ensure it is not broken or pokes anyone. If you inject cures and brines often, this unit will pay for itself in time-savings alone. Should anything happen to your brine injector, or any other F. Dick product; parts are readily available.


  • Designed for speed and accuracy
  • Easy handling
  • 85 cm intake
  • Suction sleeve prevents time-costing clogs


  • 12 Month warranty
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