Carrot Fiber Binder

  • Carrot Fiber Binder
$6.99 - $186.16
Shipping Weight:
17.00 LBS
For all processed meat & poultry products this product can be labeled as: Isolated Carrot Product or Modified Carrot Product. For all non-standard food products this product can be labeled as: Carrot Fiber or Carrot Isolate
Use 1.59 oz up to 3.59 oz per batch.


Carrot Fiber Binder

Excalibur Seasoning

A great meat binder and substitute for other traditional meat binders such as Sure Gel or Soy Protein blend because it is a natural product which is GMO-Free and non-allergenic. A simple yet effective binder/moisture retnetion agent that is made from dried carrot fiber and extracted into a white free-flowing powder, that imparts no taste to meat products. Carrot Fiber Binder can absorb at least 26 times its weight in water and at least 4 times it weight in oil, making it one of the most effective binders available not only for meat products but also for other food items and especially sauces and liquids to give them a thicker texture. Suggested usage is 4 oz per 25 lb of meat or use as needed to thicken liquids and sauces.

How is Carrot Fiber Best Used?

Carrot fiber performs best for people who are either looking for a way to help their sausage hold more moisture and oil without adding an ingredient like Soy, or Dairy/Milk; which are listed as allergens. Adding it to a fresh sausage, such as a Bratwurst will help with yield and deliver a juicier finished product.

Should Carrot Fiber Be Used In Cured Sausages?

Carrot Fiber can be used in a Cured Sausage if you need an allergen free "binder" and want a juicier finished sausage. Carrot Fiber acts as a moisture retainer and some Cured Sausages are classically semi-dried sausages, so a juicier finished product is not always desired. In the end, it is up to you on what type of sausage you are wanting to make.


  • 4 oz package or The "bulk" option for Carrot Fiber is 15.43 lb
  • Suggested usage is 4 oz per 25 lb of meat
1 tbsn & 2 tspn (.16oz / 4.5 g) - per lb of meat
.5 Cups (0.8 oz / 22.6 g) - per 5 lb of meat

View our full Seasonings Conversion Chart to measure out smaller 1 lb or 5 lb batches with other seasonings.

Suggested Applications:

  • Fresh Sausage for jucier products
  • Smoked sausages
  • Snack sticks
  • Summer sausage
  • Viscosity enhancement in sauces
  • Yield improvement in processed meat and poultry products
  • Purge control in packaged and processed meats
  • Reduced breakage in extruded products
  • Natural flow agent in seasoning blends and meat rubs

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What is Carrot Fiber Binder?

Carrot Fiber is the fiber portion of the carrot that is extracted, dried, and ground into an off-white free-flowing powder. The flavor is bland and neutral allowing it to be added to sausages and meat snacks for it's binding and water holding capacity, without affecting the flavor. Carrot Fiber is capable of holding at least 26 times its weight in water and at least 4 times its weight in oil. Carrot Fiber is also GMO Free and based upon information supplied from our vendors, it does not contain ingredients that are derived from any Genetically Modified sources. It is also Non-Allergen. There are not many other binders out there that are high quality and effective without containing allergens or GMO's. Carrot Fiber is one of your best options in not only water holding capacity, but also in avoiding allergens and GMO's. To add to that, if you are a commercial meat processor, Carrot Fiber is a great option because it is non-allergen, non-GMO, and helps in producing a clean label product with only natural ingredients. Other options in binders like Soy Protein Blend or Sure Gel Binder, both include allergens and can be unappealing to some select customers, but the use of Carrot Fiber is an economical way to clean up your label and provide consumers with a great product while maintaining that clean label. Other benefits of Carrot Fiber include yield improvement in processed meat and poultry products, purge control in packaged and processed meats, reduced breakage in extruded products, and it acts as a natural flow agent in seasoning blends and meat rubs. Lastly it is generally recognized as safe as a food ingredient, and it is certified Kosher.

How To Use Carrot Fiber Binder

Usage levels for Carrot Fiber is recommended to be at a 1% level or use 4 oz per 25 lb of meat in smoked sausage, snack sticks, summer sausage, and other meat snacks. Carrot Fiber is not only great for use in meat products, but also in sauces and liquids and can be used as needed in sauces to enhance viscosity. Since it has no flavor, Carrot Fiber can be a great addition to liquids and sauces that are too thin and you want to have a thicker texture, all while not affecting the taste or flavor of the sauce and liquid.

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