Walton's Chiminea Wood Chunks - 22 lb

  • Walton's Chiminea Wood Chunks - Chunk wood barbecue smoking fuel
Shipping Weight:
25.00 LBS


Walton's Chiminea Wood


All our chiminea wood is locally sourced from a manufacturer in Benton, Kansas. All chiminea firewood is a very high-quality, meaning it looks great and is perfectly sized, it burns brightly from an extensive seasoning process which takes 6 to 18 months, and it burns with a tame flame without popping or cracking. All chiminea wood is also heat treated to improve the packaging and product quality by eliminating insects and larvae from wood.


  • 22 lb bags
  • Pinyon Pine is not meant for cooking use
  • Use in Chiminea, Firebowls, and Firepits ONLY
  • These woods are pure and natural so you're not inhaling any chemicals when it burns in your chiminea
  • Heat treated to improve product quality and packaging to help ensure elimination of insects and larvae
  • Not chemically treated or otherwise comprised of other additives

Available Wood Flavors:

  • Pinyon Pine Chiminea Wood

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