Walton's Wood Pellets - 40 lb

  • Walton's hickory barbecue and smoking wood pellets 40 lb. bag
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  • Walton's Wood Pellets going into a smoker
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Walton's Wood Pellets - 40 lb


Walton's wood pellets are perfect for any brand of wood pellet grills, and even commercial-grade smokers and smokehouses. Our pellets are the highest quality pellets available with absolutely no fillers. 100% wood. Burn hotter and burn cleaner with wood pellets for smokers or grills from Walton's. Contains no binders, no chemicals, and no artificial flavoring agents. Simply the best BBQ Grill Wood Pellets that money can buy.


  • 40 lb bag
  • Compatible with any brand of pellet grill or smoker
  • 100% real wood with no artificial fillers or flavorings
  • Pellets burn hot and clean with very little ash
  • Contain no binders, no chemicals, and no artificial flavoring agents
  • Oak is added to our wood pellets to mellow a strong flavor and to increase the heat and performance of a softer wood
  • Years of extensive testing led us to just the right ratios to deliver the best flavor and quality burn of any pellet on the market
  • Hickory wood grilling pellets - 75% Hickory and 25% Oak wood
  • Mesquite wood grilling pellets - 60% Mesquite and 40% Oak wood
  • Apple wood grilling pellets - 50% Apple and 50% Oak wood
  • Pecan wood grilling pellets - 75% Pecan and 25% Oak wood
  • Cherry wood grilling pellets - 70% Cherry and 30% Oak wood

What are Hickory Wood Pellets?

The king of smoke woods. Hickory smoked foods have a rich, faintly sweet flavor. The hands-down favorite for pork and ribs, but it also pairs well with beef and chicken.

What are Mesquite Wood Pellets?

This southwest favorite has become one of the most popular smoking woods in the country. Too much mesquite can be strong and overpowering; we tame the flavor a bit by blending it with the mellow flavor of oak. Mesquite is an excellent complement to beef, fish, pork and poultry.

What are Apple Wood Pellets?

Slightly sweet, but a denser, fruity smoke flavor. The strongest flavor of all the fruitwoods. To increase the BTU's of this soft wood, we add oak; the mild oak flavor provides the perfect complement to the fruity apple. Commonly used for pork, poultry and game birds.

What are Pecan Wood Pellets?

The cousin to hickory has a similar but sweeter, mild flavor. Perfect wood for long smokes as it will not create an and over powering smoke taste. The subtle character makes pecan an all-aroundsmoking wood for most meats including poultry, beef, pork and even cheese.

What are Cherry Wood Pellets?

Slightly sweet fruity smoke that's great with poultry and pork. This smoke is a mild, sweet and fruity; it gives a noticeable rosy tint to light-colored meats. Blends well with oak or hickory. Good with all meats

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