Nirey KE500 Knife Sharpener

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6.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
5.00 x 4.00 x 13.00 (in)


KE500 Knife Sharpener


The KE500 is an updated version of the Nirey Knife Sharpener with angle guides for knives with thick or thin edges.

Updated Features:

  • Thick or thin angle guides
  • Belt Covers reduce the possibility of cutting and damaging the belt.
  • Debris Tray is easy to pull out and clean the debris.
  • Switch on the front of the machine prevents liquid from flowing inside of the machine.
  • Hand Screw on the upper cover makes it convenient to remove.
  • Metal Guards on the upper cover prevents the cover from being cut when knives are being sharpened.
  • Protecting irons inside of the upper cover and body prevent the plastic body from damage caused by the sparks during sharpening.
  • Easy to replace sharpening belts.
  • Sharpening carbon steel knives is also possible.


  • Voltage 110V-120V AC / 220V-240V AC Wheel
  • Uses the same belts as KE-280 (710411).
  • Shipping Weight 6 lb

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