Dry Rub Bacon Cure

$17.45 - $91.00
55.00 LBS
Salt, Brown and Cane Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate (1.09%), Sodium Bicarbonate (1% buffering agent), Sodium Nitrite (0.40%).
Use 5 lbs of cure to 100 lbs of fresh bellies. This imparts 200 PPM of nitrite, and 547 PPM of sodium erythorbate.
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Dry Rub Bacon Cure

Excalibur Seasoning

Dry Rub Bacon Cure from Excalibur Seasoning is a complete cure perfectly designed for making bacon from fresh pork bellies. One of our most popular bacon cures, with an outstanding flavor, and a simple way to make homemade bacon. Read more about how to make bacon and follow our recipe on Meatgistics.


  • Available in 5 lb packages or 50 lb box
  • Use 5 lb of cure per 100 lb of fresh pork bellies - this will impart 200 ppm of nitrite and 547 ppm of sodium erythorbate

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What is Dry Rub Bacon?

Bacon is classically a pork belly that has been cured by smoking, salting or pickling, these are accomplished with either a cover pickle, an injection or a dry rub. When completed, it is then thinly sliced to create thin strips of bacon ready for pan frying for perfect crispiness.

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