Flavor-Crisp’s Chicken on the Run Marinade

  • Chicken On The Run Marinade

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Chicken On The Run Marinade

Flavor Crisp

Delicious chicken is within reach with this Chicken on the Run Marinade! For best results, marinate between 2-24 hours and then use the Chicken On The Run Breading for chicken that will have everyone believing you bought it from a restaurant! For best results in an air fryer use chicken thighs with the fat still on them, also works well with breast and tenders but best with the thighs. If you want to fry them in oil then breasts, wings, thighs or tenders will all be amazing!


  • 8 oz Marinate
  • Marinate for 2-24 hours
  • Finish with the Chicken On The Run Breading (item #601157)

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