Why we recommend Excalibur Seasonings

Why we recommend Excalibur Seasonings

Why Should You Use Excalibur Seasonings?

Because of the quality of the product. To ensure this quality, Excalibur uses the standards of SQF Level 3 certification. To receive that certification, Excalibur subjects their ingredients, and processing facility to rigorous testing. That testing ensures consistency, quality, and taste.

Excalibur Seasonings

How Much Product Can I Make With Excalibur Seasonings?

Excalibur seasonings are prepackaged to season specific amounts of meat, ranging from 5 to 100 lb. These packages include the proper amount of salt, spices, seasonings, and the appropriate amount of Sure Cure will be included when necessary. Excalibur's R&D teams have crafted pre-packaged seasoning that use the perfect mix of seasonings, salt and spices for the best product possible, whether you are running a commercial business or making a batch of snack sticks from your deer.

Excalibur Spices

What Variety Do They Offer?

Walton's stocks Excalibur's seasoning for all types of Sausages, from fresh sausages like a Bratwurst or Italian Sausage to cured and specialty sausages like Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage and Frank & Wiener. We also stock their Jerky Seasonings, Ham Cures, Bacon Cures and loads of other additives. But not only do we stock those types of sausages but there is a lot of variety within those categories. For example we have 27 flavors for Snack Stick Seasoning alone, so someone who loves heat and spice, and someone who wants a mild stick that a child could enjoy can all find something they will love!

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26th Apr 2022 Jon Tremblay

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