Walton's Easter Egg Hunt!

Walton's Easter Egg Hunt!

Find the Easter Eggs and Save $25!

One of the things we said we wanted to do on our new website was give you guys more coupons. Well we thought we'd do a little Easter Egg Hunt for you guys!  We've gone through certain pages and added some clues to them to direct you to the final page where the Coupon Code will be inserted that will give you $25 off of your next order for $100 or more!

The coupon will be good for the 1st 8 people who find and use it, good for 1 use each and no restrictions, you can use it on sale items as well!  So, if you have been wanting anything over at  waltons.com/sales then now is the time!

The first clue is "After you blog, flush your EGGsited meat and find the next EGG"

15th Apr 2022 Jon Tremblay

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