Extending the shelf life of seasonings and additives

Extending the shelf life of seasonings and additives

Extending the shelf life of seasonings and additives

What is the Shelf Life of Seasonings?

Most Excalibur Seasonings have a 2-year “best if used by” date printed on the bag. This is not a date that requires disposing of the seasoning, just offers the best time frame in which the seasoning is at its highest quality. The 2-year date is dependent on how the seasoning is stored and if it is kept in original packaging.

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What are Signs that Seasoning has Expired?

Hardening and taking the form of the bag can be signs that the seasoning or additive is starting to lose its freshness. This can prevent seasoning from providing its full flavor profile, and in some instances can reduce the effectiveness of an additive such as Sure Cure. It can still be broken up and used, just won’t be the highest quality.


What's the Best Way to Increase Shelf-Life?

How the seasoning is stored is important to shelf life. For long term storage, store in a cool and dry, low humidity environment that maintains a temperature between 60 and 70 F. Try to keep this in mind when measuring as well, measuring out seasoning over boiling or steaming water is a sure-fire way to cause clumping. Be sure to use accurate measurements and measure in an environment with low humidity that is also temperature controlled.

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How Should You Store Remaining Seasoning?

If you have used a portion of the bag of seasoning and want to save the remaining amount you can vacuum seal it either in the original bag (if you have a chambered vacuum machine) or in a textured vacuum bag (if you have a chambereless machine) using a Walton's Vacuum Sealer. This will remove all the oxygen from the bag and increase the shelf-life, though it may necessitate breaking up the seasoning when you use it next.

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5th May 2022 Jon Tremblay

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