15 mm Smoke Collagen Knotted

  • A 15mm Smoke Collagen Knotted Casing

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8.00 x 6.50 x 11.00 (in)


15 mm Smoke Colored Collagen Casings Knotted

Devro Casings

A small diameter collagen casing perfect for making snack sticks and other meat snacks. These collagen casings are edible casings that are consistent and uniform in size. These casings have been knotted at the end for convenience.

15 mm Smoke Collagen Casings are a Processed Stix variant. Processed Stix are primarily a smaller caliber casing specifically designed for dry or semi-dry snack sticks. Processed Stix have the heaviest wall weight of all of our edible collagen casings, which allows them to be hung from smoke sticks during the drying or thermal processing. There is also a very nice snap in the bite to these casings, which is great for many types of small diameter meat snacks, like everything from a traditional snack stick, or fermented snack stick, or even other dry and semi-dry sausage like a small diameter pepperoni or salami.


  • Each strand is approximately 50 feet in length
  • 6.35 lb capacity per strand
  • 50 strand caddy capacity - 318 lb
  • Food Contact Items Are Non-Returnable

Stuffing Tube & Collagen Casing Sizes

Casing Size Stuffing Tube Size
15mm 10mm
16mm 10mm
17mm 10mm
18mm 10mm
19mm 12mm
21mm 13mm
23mm 13mm
26mm 16mm
30mm 19mm
32mm 22mm
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*Sizing only applicable to Walton's Sausage Stuffers and Walton's Collagen Casings

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