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  • Waltons Smoker Soaker
  • Waltons Smoker Soaker
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Humidity Towel

Take hours out of your smoke schedule with the Walton’s Smoker Soaker

When smoking or slow cooking meat you will always run into the stall, which is when the meat expels water from the proteins which then travels to the surface of the sausage or whole muscle cut and cools the meat down by evaporating, just your body does with sweat. So, how can you overcome this? You have 3 options, 1st is to raise the temperature of the smoker, 2nd is to just wait it out, both options have drawbacks, you chance ruining your product or adding hours onto the cook time. The 3rd and best option is to increase the humidity in your smoker! Increasing the humidity in any environment makes it more difficult for the moisture on the surface of your meat to evaporate, meaning it cannot cool the temperature of the meat down

Now, fancy commercial smokers have this ability built in, but what can you do at home? Adding a Walton’s Smoker Soaker to your process speeds up your cooking times and keeps meat from drying out.


  • Place in water pan with foil or enclosed tray below it
  • Wicking material will draw water from the water pan
  • Designed to allow fast evaporation
  • Increase humidity in your home smoker
  • Rinse before use and clean after
  • Towel will become stiff when fully dried


  • 31.5” X 13”
  • 1.5 lb

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