Walton's One Shot Grinder Head

  • Walton's One Shot grinder Head
  • Walton's One Shot grinder Head
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Walton's One Shot Grinder Head


We all love making Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage and other Cured Sausages, but let's be honest, that second grind through a 1/8" plate can be a pain. This new attachment reduces that time dramatically! We have run tests that have shown we can take whole muscle chunks to fine ground (1/8" plate) 6-7 times faster than typical grinding! This means not only less time you spend grinding but less time your meat will be sitting out so it can stay colder longer, giving you a better product!

It works by extending the length of the head and places an extra kidney plate (also known as breaking or chunker plate) before the knife so that the auger pushes meat directly through it first, beginning the break down process. Behind the kidney plate the dual-sided knife cuts the meat coming through for the final plate!

This grinder's kidney plate has a larger center hole that allows it to sit further back on the auger. The dual-sided knife and the final grind plate have standard holes. Both plates are notched at the bottom to hold them in place, so the only things that spin are the auger and the dual-sided knife!


  • Grind up to 4 lb a minute on a 1/8th" plate
  • Grind up to 13 lb a minute through larger plates
  • Dual-Sided Knife included
  • 1/8th" Plate and Kidney Plate Included
  • Works with Walton's #12, #22 and #32 Processing Grinders
  • One-Shot Plates and Knives available!


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