Walton's Automatic Syringe Injector

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Walton's Automatic Syringe Injector


These newly redesigned syringe injectors are heavy-duty, lightweight, and simple to operate. They are made from an extremely durable and heavy-duty poly-carbonate material with a transparent marinade chamber. Marinade is automatically drawn into the feed tube with each squeeze of the grip handle, allowing quick and continuous injection without needing to repeatedly refill a small cylinder that only holds a few ounces. Includes a 6" spray injector needle, suction needle and draw-off spike, plus an extra set of o-rings and plungers. The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue when injecting marinade. Make sure to wash with warm water and soap before first use to remove manufacturing oil. This injector should only be used with a seasoning or cure that is fully dissolvable in water and contains no large particles, otherwise the particles will clog the injector feed tube, intake junction, or spray needle. After each use, the injector should be fully disassembled for cleaning.


  • Automatic syringe injector
  • Easy to pull grip handle to continuously inject marinade or brine
  • Holds up to 10cc of liquid in the self-filling reservoir
  • Continuously draws in more marinade or brine with each pull of the grip handle
  • Feed tube connects to either a 2in or 8in suction needle
  • Includes a 6in injector spray needle with square hub luer lock
  • 27in feed tube
  • 2in draw off spike
  • 8in suction needle
  • Includes extra o-rings and maintenance pieces
  • Can be sterilized at 130°C
  • Replacement 6 in injector spray needles available
  • Replacement Injecting Spring (thicker on one end)
  • Replacement Solution Spring


  • After each use, the injector should be fully disassembled and cleaned. This will prevent build up of debris from blocking the injector and preventing it from working. Even small particles of salt leftover from a brine injection can get stuck in the small parts and pieces and keep the injector from operating properly. After a full cleaning, let it air dry, then reassemble for the next use. You may also occasionally add a drop of a food-safe white oil to the gaskets and plungers to keep them in a soft, pliable, and optimal state.

Assembly Instructions:

  • 1. Assemble the Auto Syringe Injector from right to left, starting with the Base Unit & Handle (#13), continually building the injector until you reach the 6-inch Spray Needle (#1).
  • 2. Assemble from top to bottom, starting with attaching Gasket #1 (Diagram Part #6) to the Intake Junction (#7).

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