Used 7130 Dadaux 700

  • Used 7130 Dadaux 700
  • Used 7130 Dadaux 700
  • Used 7130 Dadaux 700
  • Used 7130 Dadaux 700
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770.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
48.00 x 68.00 x 40.00 (in)


Used 7130 Dadaux 700

What was done to fix/make ready; repair cosmetic damage to the outer cover and one wheel leg.

Icone 700 Bacon Slicer


Quickly and easily slice large quantities of meats, cheeses, and especially bacon with the Dadaux Icone 700 Bacon Slicer. "ICONE" chop cutters are multi-purpose machines that ensure a good slice in meat both with and without the bone. You can easily switch thickness of slicing your products from deli thin to pork chop thick. The embossed and inclined canal reduces friction and heat on your product as it slices. The design of the canal means there will be minimal waste when processing and cleanup will be easier.


  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Foldaway Gutter
  • Inclined Canal


  • 220 volt - 3 phase - 60 Hz
  • Loading Magazine 250 x 180 x 720mm
  • Machine Weight 695 lb
  • Complies with CE Standards
  • ICONE 700 Slicer w/ Belt also available

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