Dadaux Icone 700 Slicer w/Belt

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Shipping Weight:
705.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
95.00 x 53.50 x 32.00 (in)


Icone 700 Slicer w/Belt


This commercial Slicer has automatic return, a dimpled surface for easy product movement, smooth and saw-toothed blades available, and can cut just about anything from bacon to salami. It is a 3 phase 220 volt machine with 20 amps, runs at a 9.5 with a peak of 15 at start-up. Speed up your slicing process with the Icone 700 from Dadaux.


  • Automatic return
  • Smooth and saw-toothed or micro-saw-toothed blade available
  • Selection of thrust: step by step and continuous according to different products to slice
  • Dimpled chamber surface for easy product movement
  • Chop cutter cleaning : with water.
  • Hydraulic (or electric) advance system: this principle is necessary for an intensive use in heavy conditions (humidity and cold).
  • Complies with CE Standard


  • 2 cadences of cut : 90 and 180 cutting/min.
  • Connecting power : 4 CV.
  • Chamber size: 200 x 230 x 720; 7.87x9.05x28.35 (DxHxL mm;in)
  • 220V, 3 pH, 3HP, 20 AMPS
  • Machine weight 705 lbs
  • 9.5A with a 15A peak at startup.

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