Storage and Freezer Ziplock Bags

  • Storage and Freezer Ziploc Bags Bags
  • Freezer bag filled with red pepper flakes
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  • Storage and Freezer Bags
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12.40 LBS


Storage and Freezer Ziplock Bags

Available in Quart or Gallon sizes these storage zip bags are perfect for keeping food fresh for shorter periods of time. They are 2 mil thick and have 250/box for the gallon and 1000/box for the quart size.

The gallon zip freezer bags are 4 mil thick for extra protection, are 10x12, and come 500 bags/box


  • Quart Storage Bags - 8x8" 1.75 mil thick, 1,000/box
  • Gallon Storage Bags - 9x12" 2 mil thick, 250/box
  • Gallon Freezer Bags - 10x12" 4 mil thick, 500/box

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Should I use a Vacuum Bag or a Freezer Bag?

The Freezer Zip Bag is 4 mil thick for added protection in the freezer giving it even more protection than the normal 3 Mil Chambered Vacuum Bags, or the 3 Mil Non-Chambered Vacuum Bags. However, the zip lock does not remove all of the air from the bag, so you are more likely to get freezer burned and damaged meat with the Zip Lock Bags than you would be with a Vacuum Sealed Bag. For short term storage in the fridge or cabinet then the zip might be a better option for you as it is simpler to use and reseal.

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