Pro Smoker Model SG 300 Pellet Smoke Generator

  • Pellet Smoke Generator for the Pro Smoker Model SG 300
  • Clean burning pellet smoke coming out of the Pro Smoker Model SG 300 Pellet Smoke Generator
  • Pellets in the Pro Smoker Model SG 300 Pellet Smoke Generator
  • Pro Smoker Model SG 300 Pellet Smoke Generator
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Pro Smoker Model SG 300 Pellet Smoke Generator

Pro Smoker

The pellet system of smoking sausage offers that "Old World Flavor" with all of the modern conveniences of today's smokehouses. Our revolutionary pellet generator provides for a pit-smoke, clean-burning and efficient way to make sausage and other smoked products. Benefit from savings in both electrical costs and cleaning time. Substantial savings combined with that desired old world pit-house flavor will forever change the way you smoke meat. Taste and experience the difference.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Produces great pit smoke flavor for all types of food products
  • Generates clean burning pellet smoke with very little creosote build-up or tar drippings
  • Energy efficient design
  • Efficiently cold smoke a variety of products and still retain easy temperature control
  • Auto start and solid state smoke control
  • High limit temperature control with automatic shut-off
  • Low temperature control
  • Fully automatic auger feed system


  • Average return on investment of less than 2 years
  • Pellet smoke produces cleaner and more concentrated smoke flavor
  • Up to 90% increase in electrical savings compared with sawdust generators
  • Less cleanup and maintenance required
  • Less down-time between cycles

Why Switch from Sawdust to Pellets?

A Pro Smoker SG300 pellet smoke generator paired with one of our leading edge smokehouses allows for the shortest processing times in the industry while delivering higher yields, consistent results and the best smoke flavor and color around. Wood pellets also provide more smoke with a quality flavor while also producing very little creosote build-up and tar drippings in the smoke generator which also makes for easier clean-up and a more environmentally friendly product. Cold smoking is easier with wood pellets and the temperature control. Electrical savings can be up to 90% when compared to sawdust smoke generators, and total return on investment through electrical savings plus reduced processing and cleaning times is less than 2 years on average.


  • 30 in H x 35 in W x 19 in D
  • Ship weight 230 lb
  • 120 volt, 5 amps, 40 watts (after start-up)
  • 1 year limited warranty on parts and 90 day warranty on electrical components
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