Pro Smoker 500-T Prebuilt

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2,200.00 LBS
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Pro Smoker 500-T Prebuilt

Pro Smoker N Roaster

Investing in your smoker will pay back quicker than any other piece of equipment in your shop as it allows you to charge a premium for smoked products. Pro Smoker makes great, reliable, economical and powerful smokehouses that are loaded with features. They took some of the best features and put them into a pre-built unit that comes with all stainless steel construction, humidity control, electric automatic dampers, high-velocity circulation for even smoke and heat distribution, a 6 station smoke screen truck with 6 stainless steel screens, a cold shower hook up and an energy-saving pellet generator.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cold shower (Hot shower option)
  • Includes the Pro Smoker Model SG 300 Pellet Smoke Generator.
  • Wet/Dry Bulb humidity
  • Electric automatic dampers
  • High velocity circulation fan for even heat and smoke distribution
  • PC4000 Microprocessor
  • 6 Station stainless steel product truck
  • One inlet/smoke damper
  • One exhaust damper
  • 1" x 2" Gasket
  • 4 Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Door has 2” 850-degree insulation


  • Overall dimensions - 86" H x 44" D x 44" W
  • Overall weight - 2200 lb
  • 230V 3 phase (can be made into single phase at no charge)
  • Right Pellet Generator
  • Right PC400 Micro
  • Right Pellet Generator
  • Right Drain


  • Ham - 500 lb
  • Summer Sausage - 450 to 500 lb
  • Smoked Sausage - 250 lb
  • Bacon - 400 lb
  • Hot dogs - 200 lb
  • Snack sticks - 200 lb

Venting Requirements:

  • Minimum Class B Vent, vented to outside
  • Multiple vents for multi-cage ovens

Plumbing Requirements:

  • Hot/Cold Water Line
  • 2" Drain
  • Multiple drains for multi-cage ovens
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