Kentmaster 75 Splitting Saw, Three Phase

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Shipping Weight:
175.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
16.00 x 25.00 x 50.00 (in)


75 Splitting Saw, Three Phase


The Kentmaster 75 three phase splitting saw is a great saw for those who have outgrown smaller saws but do not need the BandMaster style saws. It is versatile, economic, and powerful enough for any small processing plant or locker. The blade opening is 16" meaning you can split hogs and beef. This does require both a starter box and a balancer.


  • Sealed Electric Motor
  • Reliable Construction


  • Motor Power: 2HP (1500 Watt)
  • Motor Specifications: 220V, 60Hz, 3 Phase, 7 amp
  • Dual Trigger
  • 16" Blade Opening
  • 4-6 Week Lead Time

**Due to the weight and/or the size of this product, a $100 freight surcharge may be added to your order for this item.

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