IC AU700 Automatic Clipper

  • IC AU700 Automatic Clipper
  • Touch screen on the IC AU700 Automatic Clipper
  • Close-up of the IC AU700 Automatic Clipper
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Shipping Weight:
300.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
36.00 x 60.00 x 36.00 (in)


IC AU700 Automatic Clipper

This Clipper works with natural, cellulose, collagen, and plastic casings up to 115mm.It also works with S-clips on spools with pneumatic clip feed, is constructed with stainless steel, and is equipped with a touch screen control panel, pneumatically operated casing brake holder, pneumatic knife, and height adjustment.  Its versatility and reliability make it the right choice for all small and medium size sausage processors.


  • Stainless steel
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Pneumatically operated casing brake holder
  • Pneumatic knife
  • Height adjustment


  • Product diameter up to 115mm
  • Cycles up to 60/min
  • Air pressure 6-7 bar
  • 220v
  • 1 year warranty

Additional Options

  • Loop Insterer
  • String Dispenser
  • Ergonomic start/stop buttons directly at the filling horns
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