Hall 60 Tandem Mixer Grinder

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Hall 60 Tandem Mixer Grinder


Intelligent design, and decades of experience are combined with a quality finish to produce the Hall Food Equipment 60 Mixer-Grinder. The 60 Mixer-Grinder will reward you by grinding and mixing meat and a variety of other products quickly, consistently, and efficiently without the need for preservatives to make the product look and remain appealing.

The 60 Mixer-Grinder is a no compromise machine that comes standard with #52 Stainless Steel Barrel, Stainless Steel Worm and Stainless Steel Lock Ring. The hopper/tub has a high-quality polished stainless steel finish to ensure that mince will not stick to the machine. The surface is easy to clean and hygienic.

The 60 Mixer-Grinder is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications, including grinding & mixing all meat types, cheese, fruits & vegetables, or nuts.

Hall 60 Mixer-Grinder complies with FSANZ, HACCP standards and is AS/NZS & AQIS certified. The Highly Polished Interior hopper and the Efficient and Removable Mixing Paddle of the 60 Mixer-Grinder stops meat sticking to the machine resulting in less wasted product, an easier quicker clean and better hygiene. These features are sure to please every quality efficiency conscious operator and more importantly their customers, happy customers.

Hall 60 Mixer-Grinder has two High-Quality independent electric motor driven Reduction Gear Boxes - one to drive the Mixing Paddle and other to drive Grinder Worm. The High Efficiency Motors and Quality Gear Boxes ensure economical, efficient and quiet operation for many years.

Hall 60 Mixer-Grinder does not compromise on Quality & Safety. A Stainless Steel Grill type Lid is designed for easy & safe operation, providing full visibility and makes it easy & safe to add ingredients into the hopper without opening the lid. The Grill type lid design make cleaning with a hose quick and easy.

The Lid has two Safety Latches and requires both hands to open the Latches, ensuring safe operation. The Lid is also fitted with a Safety Cut out Switch which stops the machine automatically if the Lid is lifted during operation. Unlike machines with exposed bolts on the side covers, Hall 60 Mixers-Grinder do not have visible bolts and have snug, close fit panels. Meat and other product won’t get stuck onto exposed bolts and or penetrate the close fitting panel skirts or covers, reducing the chance of foul odors and smells from unseen / hard to reach meat. Easy clean = better hygiene

The hopper is Highly Polished with large radius corner ends TIG welded to the tub centers with highly polished, barely visible welds to minimize meat and bacteria sticking in sharp corners and / or poorly finished seam welding.


  • 3,900 lb an hour (65 lb a minute) on a 1/8" final grind
  • 130LB Mix Capacity
  • No Exposed Bolts for easy cleaning
  • Lid with 2 safety latches
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Dual independent electric motors
  • Polished hopper interior


  • Grind Motor: 7.3HP Mix Motor: 1.5 HP
  • Hopper Dimensions: 19"W x 24.5"L x 22.5" D
  • Distance From Floor to Auger: 16.5"

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What is a Tandem Meat Grinder?

A tandem meat grinder is a grinder that is capable of doing the first and second grind of meat or other food products without having to change plates or have people relaod the meat into the hopper. It can do this a few ways but typically one head assembly will grind directly into another grinder's hopper where it is pushed down to another head assembly that has its own plates and knives.

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