Hall 120 Mixer Grinder

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120 Mixer Grinder


Hall has been producing some of the best pieces of equipment for the commercial meat processing industry for decades. The Hall 120 Mixer Grinder is an excellent machine that comes standard with a stainless steel barrel, worm and locking ring for longevity, ease of cleaning and hygiene and has a 260 lb capacity. The polished stainless steel construction of the hopper ensures that your meat will not stick to the machine. The Hall 120 Mixer Grinder can easily handle mixing and mincing all types of meats and even food products such as cheese, fruits, vegetables and nuts. The Hall 120 Mincer-Mixer complies with FSANZ, HACCP standards and is AS/NZS & AQIS certified.

The design of the Hall 120 Mixer Grinder results in higher yields, reduced cleaning times, products with longer shelf lives which all add up to increased profits and happy customers.

It has two independent high quality electric motor driven gear boxes, one for the mixing paddle and one for the mincer worm giving you a quiet, efficient and powerful machine that will give you high yields for years! The stainless steel grill type lid allows you to safely monitor your mince as it is mixing, add liquids without opening the lid and clean it quickly and effectively. The two safety latches on the lid require two hands to open reducing the possibility of the lid opening by accident and if it does open while the mixer is in operation an electromagnetic sensor immediately shuts the machine down. Unlike machines with exposed bolts on the side covers, Hall 120 Mincer-Mixers do not have visible bolts and have snug, close fit panels. Meat and other product won’t get stuck onto exposed bolts and or penetrate the close fitting panel skirts or covers, reducing the chance of foul odors and smells from unseen / hard to reach mince. The hopper it TIG welded minimizing the amount of meat and bacteria sticking to corners or welds.


  • 260 lb Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Steel Worm
  • Stainless Steel Lock Ring
  • Stainless Steel Exterior Skirt
  • Stainless Steel Legs
  • Stainless Steel Drive Shaft
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle
  • Flawlessly Smooth, Polished Stainless Steel tub with almost no visible welding seam
  • Removable Stainless Steel mixing arm for easy cleaning
  • Computer Controlled Automatic Reciprocating Cycle Mixing action, via touch pad control adjustable 1-9 minute mix cycle
  • Built in Motor Overload Protection
  • 24 Volt Control circuits for additional safety
  • Ergonomic design, requires minimum of floor space, can be easily wheeled through standard door
  • Casters or leveling legs are purchased separately


  • 9.4 HP Grind Motor
  • 1.5 HP Mix Motor
  • #52 Head Size
  • 260 lb

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