New Website and Thank You Message From Austin Walton

New Website and Thank You Message From Austin Walton

A message from Austin Walton, VP of Operations

It is finally here! A new website, a new experience, and great new functionality.

It has been a wild and crazy ride the past year. I want to thank all of our customers for sticking with us, providing feedback, and helping us reach where we are today! So much has happened at Walton's in the past year, or really two years. We started with a new website that seemed promising in May of 2021. While there were a lot of good intentions and potential, we ended up falling short of what we thought our customers deserved in terms of an experience, ease of use, and reliability on the platform we moved to. We continued to fight some issues, and we got to the point that we felt that a switch had to be made to deliver the best experience to our customers. In November/December of 2021, we decided to move to another website platform to alleviate the continued issues we were facing.

The transition from our old platform to this current one was quite the undertaking. We crammed a 12-18 month development cycle into about four months. I am thrilled with our staff and our internal team for how fast we were able to move and make this switchover happen. On March 31st, 2022, we finally went live with this platform, and it is one that we are excited about. We added some new functionality and have an excellent roadmap for even more fun and helpful things for our customers to have the best shopping experience.

Some of the new things include…

  • The ability to subscribe to inventory notifications when a product is out of stock
  • Better visibility on the stock status of products and expected ship dates if something is out of stock
  • Enhanced shipping options, particularly to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada
  • Faster load times for web pages
  • Increases reliability and uptime of the website
  • In-store pickup quantities listed by product for our local Wichita, KS customers
  • Simplified checkout, shopping cart, and wish list functionality
  • Better visibility on past orders and even orders placed via phone or email are viewable on the website now
  • Visibility of ingredients on all Excalibur and Walton's seasonings on
  • Enhanced clarity on bulk pricing discounts for our home processors and commercial processors
  • New options for promotions and coupons (I know everyone will love more discounts!)
  • And so much more is still to come in the coming weeks and months…!

We appreciate all the feedback our customers have provided, especially over the past two years, and if you have more feedback you want to share with us, the best way to talk directly with me, Jon, and others on the team at Walton's is to leave us a message on the Meatgistics community. There is a section on specifically for feedback. Whether that is about Meatgistics or Walton's, post your questions, suggestions, or just general feedback there and we will do our best to continue to strive for the best shopping experience possible for everyone.

We are now on a path of continuing to improve everything about the shopping experience at instead of just fixing problems and struggling to just make it through each day. We are going to continue to push out new features, enhance the overall Walton's experience, and continue making the best place to buy meat processing supplies and equipment along with providing the best support, how-to information, and guidance for everything related to meat!

We could not be who we are or do what we do without you as our customer, so thank you for sticking with us, being patient while we have continued to work on enhancing our website, and please continue to give us feedback on how we can make shopping at Walton's the best experience possible!

Lastly, I did mention more discounts, so here is a coupon that can be used until the end of April 2022 for 10% off (max $100 total discount). Simply use coupon NEW2022 in your shopping cart or at checkout!


Austin Walton
VP of Operations

14th Apr 2022 Austin Walton

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