Message for Commercial Customer from Dylan Walton

Message for Commercial Customer from Dylan Walton

A message from Dylan Walton, VP of Sales

To all of our valued customers,

A year ago, we launched a new and updated website in an attempt to better accommodate both our retail and commercial customers. It was a big change for many of our customers who use the website to find items and place orders on a regular basis, but there were many new tools and capabilities that we were excited about being able to implement for you to make the whole buying process easier.

At Walton's, we do almost all our own website design and updating in-house but use external hosting platforms to keep the backend processing power of the site fast for the end user. Unfortunately, the company we partnered with for the new site did not have the ability or desire to follow through on the different features and capabilities they claimed would be available. It had too many bugs such as checkout buttons not working and order confirmations not sending, stability issues, and the site would go down during normal use hours.

We know this caused lots of frustration for our customers.

After trying to work through the issues and giving them a chance to fix the problems so we could present our customers with the great experience we originally desired, we decided it was best to cut ties with that company and move on to a different provider.

So, on March 31st, we will be launching a new website that has already proven to be able to handle all our needs much better. This new website will be faster and more stable. It should also not have any downtime noticeable to our customers. We have spent a considerable amount of time testing for bugs and hope to have those resolved, but as with any technology, we do anticipate to still have some bugs, but we now have a more responsive provider to be able to fix them.

We have migrated over commercial users from the old website to the new website so that you have a correctly working commercial login with commercial pricing from Day Zero. A password reset will be needed as those are secure and cannot be moved. You should get another email from Walton's with those instructions and there will be a popup alert on the new site to remind you to reset your password. After you have done the password reset and login, please look to the top of the page for a line that says "Special Pricing Active". If you do not see that phrase, please contact customer service or your sales representative to be set up for commercial pricing when ordering online.

I wanted to make you all aware of the change before it happened as I know a new website can be frustrating to navigate when you are used to how something was working before. I want to encourage all of you to give feedback with the new site, as we truly do appreciate the feedback of your experiences with the last website. This will help us to continue improving the website.

11th Apr 2022 Dylan Walton

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