Bell Hog Scraper

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Bell Hog Scraper

Home Butchering Tools

Simplest way to remove hair from the hide when butchering hogs. A great addition for any home butcher for easy hog hair removal.

A bell hog scraper removes hair from a hog after scalding. Simply hold the hog scraper firmly with two hands and use plenty of pressure and scrape the hog from the front towards the tail. The scraper should angled on its furthest edge and pulled towards the user during scraping. In most scenarios, you should start with the head and the legs immediately after scalding. These will be the hardest areas to remove hair and thus should be done as soon as scalding is complete to make it easier. To smooth out any wrinkles, simply stretch the skin or move the hog's legs to make scraping easier. If you have problems removing hair, it usually means that the hog has not been sufficiently scalded. After the hog has had hair removed, proceed to rinsing with warm or hot water. A bell hog scraper can be easily resharpened multiple times by simply using a file or an emery wheel, until there is a very rough edge.


  • High-quality - strong, durable, and long lasting
  • Steel scraper - will last through years and years of use
  • White poly handle


  • 4.75" diameter
  • 6" overall length

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