AW-WPS Wireless Platform Scale

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Shipping Weight:
9.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
15.50 x 3.00 x 15.25 (in)


AW-WPS Wireless Platform Scale


All of the functionality of other Yamato platform scales without any of the wires! You can mount the LCD on your wall and move the platform where it is needed and get accurate and fast readings. This scale can be run off of batteries or you can use the included AC adapter. From 0-30lb it reads at least 1/8 of oz, from 0-10 it reads 0.05 oz, and from 10-30 0.1 oz, giving you all the accuracy you need to make sure your recipes are spot on and your customers are being charged the correct amount!


  • 3 Wireless Channels
  • Large LCD Display
  • Large Stainless Steel Platform (14" x 14")
  • Battery or AC (adapter included)
  • Hold Feature
  • Multiple Units
  • 0-30 lb - 1/8 oz incriments
  • 0-10 lb x 0.05 oz and 10-30 lb x 0.1 oz
  • 0-5 kg x 0.002 kg and 5-15 kg 0.005 kg
  • Weighing, Unit Toggle, Hold Function


  • 4 Strain gauge load cells weighing system
  • 1/8 oz measurements
  • 7 Segment LCD display
  • 10 “AA” batteries (not included) or two 120V adapters (included)

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