AHT Paris 210 Freezer and Chiller

  • AHT Paris 210 Freezer and Chiller
  • Broader view of the AHT Paris 210 Freezer and Chiller
  • Measurement diagram of the AHT Paris 210 Freezer and Chiller
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AHT Paris 210 Freezer and Chiller

The AHT Paris 210 Freezer and Chiller is as versatile as it gets. At the push of a button, you can select from 3 available temperatures: frozen, refrigerated, and fresh meat. The curved lids, dropped edges, and bright LED lights all allow you to show off your merchandise at it's absolute best. Runs on 120 V and is efficient, which will give you significant energy and installation savings over other freezer/chiller units. Runs so quiet your customers won't be able to hear it. A semi-automatic defrost setting makes maintenance simple.

The semi-automatic defrost works independently, on basis of the latest technologies and which nearly requires no manual effort. The hygiene of the freezer and also of the products stored within fully complies with the highest standards. The defrosting of the static freezers is based on a sophisticated timed sequence of heating periods in the inner tank. Frost build-up due to ambient humidity is successfully melted away at regular intervals and this avoids any excessive frost build-up.
Furthermore, during the short defrost cycle, the temperature of goods will remain stable as confirmed by NSF below 5°F. The special divider system is included and required for operation with the AD system and allows for melted frost to run into a duct around the inner case so it is evaporated outside the case.


  • Internal lights to provide excellent product presentation and draw consumers
  • Multi-temp offers 3 temperature ranges, which can easily be changed by a press of a button: frozen, refrigerated, and fresh meat
  • Plug-in system (120V) provides easy and low-cost installation
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Significant energy savings compared to traditional systems (within DOE regulations)
  • Higher net capacity compared to traditional systems at the highest quality


  • Gross Content: 32.9 cu. ft.
  • Total Display Area: 13.4 sq. ft.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 61°F to 77°F
  • Chilling: 37°F to 59°F
  • Beef and Ground Beef Refrigeration: 32°F to 36°F
  • Freezing: 0°F to -9°F
  • Length of Power Supply Cord: 68.9"
  • Outside: 82.8" L x 33.6" D
  • Inside: 77.9" L x 28.4" D
  • Refrigerant Charge: 8.8 oz
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 30 bar
  • Net Weight: 320 lb
  • AHT Paris & Malta 185 Freezer & Chiller also available

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