6" Poly Strip for Strip Doors

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Shipping Weight:
81.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
18.25 x 7.00 x 18.25 (in)


6" Poly Strip for Strip Doors

Strip doors are perfect for high-traffic areas that have different room temperatures on either side of the door. The strips overlap to create a barrier but still allow for easy passage back and forth with no need to open doors or leave space for doors to swing open.


  • 300' Roll
  • 60 mil thickness
  • Smooth Texture
  • 0°F to 150°F Temperature Range


  • Inspect the contents of your box to ensure that all necessary parts have been included using the packing list provided with your order.
  • Install the Mounting Bar(s) to the wall above the doorway or under the Header. (Mounting Anchor to be supplied by installer.)
  • Center bar just above opening. Start anchor in at one end. Bring other end up to level position. Leveling can be accomplished by hanging one temporary strip at each end and making heights equal. If mounting bar is in two sections, butt together and join with retainer bar to ensure proper mounting positions.
  • All strips have a natural curve across the width. Concave faces should be alternated when installing to interlock and create a seal against drafts.
  • Overlapping instructions available upon purchase
  • After the strips have been placed on Mounting Bars, place Retaining Bars over the studs, attach lock nuts and tighten. Bevel on Retaining Bars should be at bottom and face out.

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