Kold To Go Thermal Bags

$239.99 - $289.50
Shipping Weight:
22.00 LBS


Kold To Go Thermal Bags


Coldkeepers line of plain thermal bags was introduced to the US market 20 years ago and has made its way into people’s everyday lives, making it a must have for meat markets. Thanks to the three-ply technology, they keep items frozen up to three hours without ice. Their rugged construction, comfortable handle, and gusset or hard bottom ensures true sustainability through multiple uses. Made of FDA-compliant materials, they are well suited for use with food products. Add ice or a frozen gel pack for extra cooling time.


  • Keep food frozen up to 3 hours without ice
  • FDA-compliant materials
  • Rugged 3-ply construction
  • Add ice or a frozen gel pack for longer sustained freezing


  • Sold by the case
  • 25 Liter (19" x 19" x 3") and 45 Liter (19" x 19" x 8") Available

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