Pro-Kold 32 FT Vertical Freezer

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485.00 LBS


32 FT Vertical Freezer


This Vertical Freezer comes with self-closing doors, triple pane glass, and a temp range of 3° to -4° to keep your products in top condition. The triple pane glass and the self-closing doors are also excellent for energy efficiency. The 32 cubic feet make it a great size for an industrial kitchen, butcher shop, or a grocery store.


  • Triple pane glass
  • LED Lights to show your product well
  • White enamel body finish with stainless steel exhibition floor
  • Digital temperature control with built-in defrost timer
  • Self-closing doors to promote energy efficiency
  • 3°F to -4°F temperature range
  • Self-evaporating unit does not require a drain
  • 8 adjustable shelves
  • Stainless Steel floor for easy cleaning


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