.22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges

  • Green .22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges
  • Brown .22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges
  • Pink .22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges
  • Black .22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges
  • Red .22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges
  • Purple .22 Caliber Power Load Cartridges
$24.99 - $299.99
Shipping Weight:
3.00 LBS


CASH Special .22 Captive Bolt Stunner Cartridges

Accles & Shelvoke

The Cash Special Captive Bolt Stunner is famous throughout the world as one of the most accurate stunners. These .22 cartridges are made by ELEY who is also well known for making some of the most accurate rimfire ammunition that is available on the market today. These come in 4 different strengths so you can use different ammunition for different animals. The cartridges are separated by colors to make it easy to determine which load you should be using. They are suitable for animals ranging from chickens to very heavy bulls.


  • .22 caliber
  • Rimfire cartridges
  • Color coded to be easily distinguishable

.22 Power Load Specs:

  • Pink - 1.25 grain used for young calves, piglets, lambs, and kids (goats)
  • Purple - 2.5 grain used for small cattle, small pigs, ewes, and goats
  • Green - 3 grain used for medium-sized cattle, market pigs, horses, and other large animals
  • Red - 4 grain used for heavy cattle and bulls, heavy pigs, and large horses

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