Vikan Hand Squeegee

  • Vikan Hand Squeegee
  • Close-up view of the Vikan Hand Squeegee
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Vikan Hand Squeegee

Vikan - Remco

This Vikan Hand Squeegee is an easy-to-use squeegee with a 9 in, polypropylene foam rubber double blade and a 6.5in handle. It is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 212° F, made from FDA-approved materials, easy to sanitize, and the blades are easy to replace.


  • 9in W x 6.5in L handle
  • Withstands temperatures up to 212°F
  • 6.5in handle included
  • Made from FDA-approved materials
  • Easy to replace refill blades
  • Durable design with single piece molded head
  • Double splash guard for pushing or pulling when squeegeeing
  • Poly handle is easy to sanitize
  • Blades held in place with a locking cassette
  • Molded reverse edge scraper

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