Spiceology - Chad White Brisket Bomb - Brisket Rub

  • Chad White Brisket Bomb - Brisket Rub from Spiceology (3.3 oz.)
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Chef Chad White's Brisket Bomb - Brisket Rub


This brisket blend features a distinct, robust coffee kick rich with the flavors of black cherry and dry cacao, with an aroma of dark chocolate and fruit! Generously work this seasoning all over your brisket for a unique and delicious flavor that will not disappoint! Or, add it to 70/30 ground beef and make some of the best burgers of your life!


  • Try it on: brisket, ribeye, prime rib, beef cheeks, bison, lamb, oxtail, elk, beets, or potatoes!
  • 3.3 oz. shaker

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