Socket for Round Tubing (.902 ID)

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Shipping Weight:
0.10 LBS
Ship Dims:
1.00 x 1.00 x 2.25 (in)


Socket for Round Tubing (.902 ID)

This takes a regular hollow round metal leg and lets you use grip ring casters. Made with reinforced thermoplastic and the sockets will not loosen or wear!


  • Use with Grip Ring style stems
  • Fits Grip Ring Stems with diameter of 7/16"
  • Fits Grip Ring Stems with a stem length up to 2"
  • Reinforced Thermoplastic
  • Sockets will not loosen or wear

Determining Socket Use:

  • Measure (in inches) the inside diameter of the post that will use the socket
  • Convert the inside diameter measurement to a decimal
  • To convert the measurement to a decimal, divide the top number by the bottom number. Whole numbers will remain as whole numbers.
  • EXAMPLE #1: 1/4" = 1 divided by 4 = 0.25" EXAMPLE #2: 1-3/4" = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75", keep the whole number (1) before the decimal so the final decimal measurement is 1.75"
  • Select the socket with the ID measurement that is closest to (but does NOT EXCEED) the post's inside diameter measurement from Step 2

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