Promarks TM-3000 Vacuum Tumbler

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3,800.00 LBS


Promarks TM-3000 Vacuum Tumbler


With a 3,000 lb capacity, reverse discharge function, and a PV-03 microprocessor, this a good choice for a medium to large processor who is looking to improve profits. The TM series is often run in a line with an MSK injector. The TM Series tumblers/massagers are constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel, Busch vacuum pumps with liquid trap, variable speed, continuous vacuum, and reverse discharge function. Great for marinated products. Improves quality with increased productivity and higher profit margins.

Why Use a Tumbler?

Vacuum tumblers are designed to remove air from the drum, allowing moisture, seasoning, and flavor to more readily enter the food product and distribute flavor and juiciness throughout the whole cut of meat. It does this by opening the cellular structure of the meat through impact energy and keeping the meat in a vacuum. While the drum rotates, the meat is massaged and made more tender while adding extra flavor to make a juicier and more flavorful final product.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable speed
  • Continuous vacuum
  • Reverse discharge function


  • Capacity 3000 lb/1360kg
  • Vacuum pump capacity 202m3/h (8 HP)
  • Voltage 230 V/3 Ph/60 Hz/30 AMP
  • Machine weight 3520 lb /1600kg
  • Machine size (L x W x H) 62" x 97" x 70"
  • Other Vacuum Tumblers available

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