Promarks TM-150 Vacuum Tumbler

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Promarks TM-150 Vacuum Tumbler


Promarksvac TM Series continuous style vacuum tumblers utilize a vacuum system that allows vacuum to be drawn, vented, and re-drawn all while the drum is in motion. This system and our PV-03 microprocessor control panel allows the TM Series to provide greater pick up due to the “sponge“ effect caused by this system.

The TM Series tumblers/massagers are a continuous vacuum tumbler constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel, Busch vacuum pumps with liquid trap, variable speed, and reverse discharge function. Great for marinated products. Improves quality with increased productivity and higher profit margins. The continuous function allows you to draw, vent, and redraw a vacuum all while the drum is still tumbling.

This type of system has been the standard of the industry in Europe for many years because of its overall advantage compared to non-continuous vacuum systems. Another advantage to the PV-03 control system is the “set it and forget it” capability when your operation calls for multiple vacuum, vent, and mixing cycles as the desired sequence can all be programed into the PV-03, then the machine is automatic after the cycle is begun. All this makes the TM Series the machines to have when you are ready to take your vacuum marinating operation to the next level.

Why Use a Tumbler?

Vacuum tumblers are designed to remove air from the drum, allowing moisture, seasoning, and flavor to more readily enter the food product and distribute flavor and juiciness throughout the whole cut of meat. It does this by opening the cellular structure of the meat through impact energy and keeping the meat in a vacuum. While the drum rotates, the meat is massaged and made more tender while adding extra flavor to make a juicier and more flavorful final product.


  • Continuous vacuum during tumbling cycle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable speed motor
  • Reverse discharge function


  • Capacity - 154lb (70kg)
  • Pump - Busch 021
  • Vacuum pump capacity - 20m3/h (0.9kw)
  • Motor - 1HP
  • Electrical - 110V/1ph/60Hz/19.54A
  • Weight - 622lb
  • Size - 48in x 37in x 54in
  • Promarks TM-300 Vacuum Tumbler also available

**Due to the weight and/or the size of this product, a $200 freight surcharge may be added to your order for this item.

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