One Compartment Sink 18in x 18in

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One Compartment Sink 18" x 18"

This sink is made of 304 Stainless Steel and it has the full 18 gauge throughout, meaning that it is more durable than a drawn sink. It also has rolled rims at all the edges along the exposed area to prevent them from trapping food and grime and a 9" high backsplash with 2" return to wall at 45 degrees with easy installation tile edging, so this sink is perfect for any heavy-duty cleaning! The 1-5/8" thick legs sit directly under the heaviest part of the sink offering more support than normal legs and they have adjustable bullet feet so you can level it out on uneven surfaces, and it is furnished with basket drains and 1" faucet holes punched in backsplash on 8" centers as required.


  • NSF
  • Galvanized legs


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