Meatgistics Leather Apron

  • Meatgistics Leather Apron
  • Pockets on the Meatgistics Leather Apron filled with cooking utensils
  • The adjustable neck-straps on the Meatgistics Leather Apron
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1.50 LBS
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2.50 x 2.50 x 23.00 (in)


Meatgistics Leather Apron


This handmade, full-grain leather apron is embossed with the Meatgistics and Walton's Logos, and makes the perfect gift for any meat lover! It is made with adjustable neck-straps to fit any size, a belt clip to keep it nice and snug, and quality leather to keep you safe and clean during meat processing, smoking, BBQing, or grilling!



  • Metal Belt Clip
  • 4 lb

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