Like-Rags Cloth Replacement Towels

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Shipping Weight:
16.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
10.88 x 17.25 x 24.50 (in)


Like-Rags Cloth Replacement Towels

These Like-Rags Cloth Replacement Towels are high-performance nonwoven towels that are designed for durability, strength, and absorbency. They can be used for all cleaning and wiping purposes and are the perfect choice for applications that require resistance to solvents and virtually lint-free wiping. They also eliminate the waste and cost guesswork associated with industrial towels, making them ideal replacements for rental shop rags.


  • Cloth-like rags


  • 9.75" x 16.75"
  • 150 Towels/Box
  • 6 Boxes/Case

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