Home Pack Sheep Casings

  • Home Pack Sheep Casings
  • Home Pack Sheep Casings
  • Finished Sausage, with Home Pack Sheep Casings being used as the casings
$16.99 - $22.49
Shipping Weight:
1.00 LBS


Home Pack Sheep Casings

22-24 mm and 24-26 mm and 26-28 mm Home Pack Sheep Casings

Walton's Home Pack Natural Sheep Casings can stuff approximately 15 lb of sausage per package. Perfect for small batches of sausage, hot dogs, breakfast sausage, and other homemade sausages. Simply rinse salt from the natural sheep casings, flush inside of casings with water, soak in warm water prior to stuffing, slide casings onto stuffing tube, and make your own homemade sausage! Visit the Walton's Learning Center for more information on Natural Sheep Casings.


  • Natural sheep Casings
  • Each package can stuff approximately 15 lb of sausage
  • Packed in salt
  • These should be refrigerated for storage
  • Country of origin is either USA or Denmark
  • This item is non-returnable


  • Rinse salt from casings
  • Flush the inside of the casings by running water through the casings from end to end
  • Soak the casings in warm water (80 to 100 F) for 1 hour prior to stuffing
  • Stuff sausage into casings
  • Cook, eat, and enjoy your own homemade sausage!
  • Visit the Walton's Learning Center for more information on Natural Sheep Casings

Natural casings should be refrigerated for long term storage, however, they are completely fine to be shipped in normal ambient temperatures. If they get warm, they tend to not smell very pleasant, but simply refrigerate them upon receipt of your shipment and they will be fine. If they get warm for a temporary time frame, it will not hurt the casings and they will not go bad, but we do suggest to refrigerate them upon receipt for the best long term storage and to keep them from smelling unpleasant.

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