ESS Best and Donovan Hog Stunner

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ESS Best & Donovan Hog Stunner

Best & Donovan

The Best & Donovan ESS Hog Stunner is the most widely used stunner in the pork industry, but it works just as well on sheep, lambs, and goats. It has a heavy-duty transformer, a voltage and amperage meter, and is capable of handling 300 hogs per hour. It is specifically designed to be able to handle either restrained or free hogs. It runs off of less electricity than a 50 watt light bulb, so it will keep your energy costs down. It meets all requirements for humane animal treatment.


  • Capable of handling 300 hogs per hour
  • Heavy-duty on/off switch
  • Waterproof 6 volt control button
  • Patented wattage control avoids hemorrhaging
  • Prod assembly weighs only 3 lbs (1.5 Kilos)
  • Requires less electricity than a 50-watt lightbulb
  • Meets all requirements for humane animal treatment


  • Heavy-duty transformer
  • Voltage and Amperage Meters
  • Available in AC-110 volt single phase 60 cycle
  • 33-3/4" Prod length
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lb
  • ES Best and Donovan Hog Stunner also available

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