Edge-Mag - 7" Blade Protector

  • Edge-Mag - 7" Blade Protector
  • Edge-Mag - 7" Blade Protector
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Edge-Mag - 7" Blade Protector


Introducing our innovative magnetic cover designed specifically for your knives. With its unique folding design, this cover provides a secure and strong grip on the blade, ensuring it will not slip off during storage or transportation. Say goodbye to accidental cuts when retrieving your knife from storage!

Safety is our top priority, which is why our magnetic cover offers excellent protection for your hands. Its magnetic properties keep the blade securely in place, preventing any accidental contact and potential injuries.


  • Edge-Mag - 7" Blade Protector
  • Magnetic Blade Protector
  • 3-Pack


  • Hold blades up to 7" in length

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