Colosimo 200 Kit

  • Colosimo 200 complete
  • Colosimo 200 Body
  • Colosimo 200 Ramp
  • Colosimo 200 Head
  • Colosimo 200 Attachment Box
  • Colosimo 200 Option
  • Colosimo 200 complete alternate
$87.99 - $549.99
Shipping Weight:
11.00 LBS


Colosimo Model 200


On this page, you can select the Model 200 Press and the 2 FREE dies you get when you purchase the press. Click here to add a FREE attachment that you need to hook your press up to a grinder or stuffer. The cost of the 2 free dies will be deducted from your cart if the system sees that you have the Model 200 and 2 qualifying dies in your cart. The cost of 1 adapter will also be deducted from you cart. If you have more than 2 dies and more than 1 adapter, the extra dies and adapters will be charged. The Colosimo Model 200 Press is a great way to extrude skinless sausage or snack sticks and restructured jerky. You get your choice of 2 free dies and 1 adapter that come with your order of the press. This will attach to both stuffers and #32 and larger grinders, just let us know the make and model of the stuffer you will be attaching it to or the size of your grinder if you are unsure which adapter to add. Uses the Colosimo Paper 4 1/2" x 240' Roll.


  • Comes with 2 Free dies and 1 Free adapter of your choice (Please specify the size of grinder or stuffer attachment needed or Click here to add 1 yourself)


  • Shipping weight 10.8 lbs

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