Celery Juice Powder 5 lb.

  • Celery Juice Powder
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Cultured Celery Powder, Sea Salt, Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking).
Recommended to be used at 0.45-0.9% based on meat green weight. Usage can be increased or decreased depending on desired requirements. 100-200ppm ingoing should be the target ingoing into the meat. Example: 0.7% x 22,500 = 156 ppm ingoing


Celery Juice Powder

Excalibur Seasoning

Celery juice powder replaces nitrite in your formula during meat processing. It is recognized by the USDA as having curative properties and is often used in Organic, "all-natural" or "nitrite-free" meat processing.


  • 5.0 lb package
  • Use: 4 oz to 6 oz per 100 lbs of product, depending on what product you are making

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What is Celery Juice Powder?

More and more Organic or "Naturally Cured" products are becoming available to consumers without the use of classic cures. Celery Juice Powder is what is often added in place of nitrites/nitrates as it contains high levels of naturally occurring nitrates, which is common in certain types of plants. As these are unprocessed nitrates they can be considered "natural".

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